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Though we specialize in deliveries in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are we are licensed to operate in 48 states, so we can accommodate any route request


Comprensive Principles

Here at Redzone we pride ourselves on putting people first. Weather its our workers or our customers...people trump all.

Full Transparency

We pride ourselves on doing it right and getting it right the first try, but if we mess up, we'll make it up to you and more.

Customer Support

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. You call us we pick up, simple as that.
We'll do our best to help even if that means we don't end up being your final choice.

Fast and hassle free

We get it, you've been burnt before with other companies. Well that ends here. Best believe we'll do our very best to keep your shipments safe.

The numbers speak for themselves

Top-Rated General Freight Network

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Experienced Shipping

We offer a variety of solutions to accommodate all of your transportation needs. Our shipping services include basic, rush and long distance deliveries.

We also do dedicated lanes, box truck loads, LTLs and Truckloads.

Experience a smarter way to move. Period!

Tell us about your belongings if you're moving or simply contact us via call or email if you're shipping items or removing junk.