About us

A Family centered company in the DMV

Located in Columbia, Maryland we are a family-oriented trucking company, where each employee is treated like family and every customer is provided the best transportation service we can offer.


Bringing Transparency into Logistics

Red Zone Movers was founded on a commitment to make moving a stress-free operation by completing every move on time, at the price quoted, and by meeting any special requests. We take pride in our success, and we thank our clients for acknowledging our service with their repeat business and referrals. Years later and with business better than ever, we are proud to begin offering shipping services to customers with the intention to transport goods and products safely and in a timely manner.

Parcels shipped


Humble beginnings

Together as a team we've been together for years and we plan to keep it that way. We started small and inexperienced and although we've definitely grown since that underdog mentality goes a long way.

Our customers know it and love us for it.

Experience a smarter way to move. Period!

Tell us about your belongings if you're moving or simply contact us via call or email if you're shipping items or removing junk.

Our People

We pride ourselves on always being a place where the idea of family is always at the forefront of our decisions as well as held to high standard

Our Values

Push Boundaries

To say that we're content with how far we've come over the years would be an adjacent comparison of the Redzone Brand. Constant progression plays a big role in everything we do.

Win Together

Without a team and supporting cast, non of what we do would be possible and we know that. We made it this far together and we plan to keep on going together and as 1 unit.

Constantly Learn

Being able to constantly improve and learn from past mishaps is one of our biggest attributes as a company. Constant progress > talent all day!